Vacant and Derelict Land Taskforce

The Scottish Land Commission and SEPA have launched a partnership and taskforce to transform Scotland’s approach to vacant and derelict land. The Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey (SVDLS) was first set up 30 years ago, but the amount of registered land has remained virtually static. There are currently around 11,600 hectares of derelict and urban vacant land in Scotland – that’s two times the size of the City of Dundee and nearly double the area of public parks and gardens in urban Scotland.
The taskforce chaired by Steve Dunlop, Chief Executive Scottish Enterprise, will bring together leaders from the public, private and social enterprise sectors.  The taskforce will challenge and reshape the approach to bringing sites back into use which will have both economic and social benefits for all of Scotland.  Supported by the Land Commission and SEPA, the taskforce has the ambitious goal of halving the amount of Scotland’s derelict land by 2025. For more information click here