What does good GI look like?

The PERFECT partnership has published an expert paper on ‘what does good green infrastructure policy look like?’ which was written by Alister J Scott from the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences at the University of Northumbria and Max Hislop from the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership.

The paper assesses what good green infrastructure (GI) looks like by reporting on the design and testing of a hybridised GI policy tool which assesses the multi-functionality and strength of GI policy wording. It uses the recently revised English National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and Planning Policy Wales 10 (PPW10) as illustrative case studies. The paper reviews GI barriers and opportunities, reports the findings of the NPPF and PPW10 assessments and considers the implication they have for the design and delivery of good GI policy in practice.

You can download the paper here