Are they guaranteed and insured?

Currently it is difficult to get guarantees for the green roof construction as a whole. Often, it is the waterproofing layer that is guaranteed as long as the build-up above is installed by a recognised contractor. Guarantees for the condition of the plants are more difficult to obtain as the factors affecting their performance vary and failure could depend on a wide range of factors that are outside the control of the installation contractor, for example, the weather.

However, if a maintenance programme and contract is in place then guarantees for the living and planting medium can be sought from that company. Green roofs are very much a new area for UK Insurance companies and the industry is lagging behind its European partners, where insurance of green roofs is more common. Certain Insurance companies in the UK are beginning to promote green roofs due to their multiple benefits. With increasing demand, green roof insurance will become ‘normal businesses’ for UK insurance companies.

In the meantime, those wishing to insure green roofs have to shop around and make direct contact with companies.