Planning with Nature 

Public Practice have published two new practice notes which provide actions that officers can take in local authorities to develop and implement a green infrastructure strategy. Both practice notes can be found here.

Health and wellbeing benefits of green infrastructure

Natural England has published a review of research into the health and wellbeing benefits of green infrastructure. The review found that people who live in neighbourhoods with greater amounts of green infrastructure tend to be happier, healthier and live longer lives than those who live in less green places. While it is likely that everybody benefits from green infrastructure, it suggested that more disadvantaged communities may benefit the most. The review aims to understand more about the types and amounts of green infrastructure that are most beneficial for the health of different communities to help local authorities, landowners and communities enhance the nation’s green infrastructure provision. It is part of a project to develop a framework for green infrastructure standards.

Building with Nature Training

When: 4 and 5 November 
This training from Building with Nature provides an opportunity for participants to understand the characteristics of high-quality green infrastructure, add commercial value to their consultancy and become part of a growing network of Assessors who are passionate about making great places for people and wildlife to live. To register, click here.

Designing blue green infrastructure    

A new report from the University of Sheffield entitled 'Designing Blue Green Infrastructure (BGI) for water management, human health, and wellbeing: summary of evidence and principles for design' explores this question and provides detailed recommendations for practitioners. The report can be found here.

Street Design Standards

This briefing sheet from TDAG and the Urban Design Group sets out current and withdrawn practice for street design standards. The aim is to help inform and empower officers to ensure current standards are applied to all street design projects. To read, click here.