Scotland’s Environment Strategy consultation launched

Scottish Government’s discussion paper on an Environment Strategy for Scotland is now live. It takes forward the commitment in the 2017/18 Programme for Government to develop a strategic approach on environmental policy to protect and enhance our environment, safeguard natural capital and continue Scotland’s leading role in addressing environmental challenges. It notes that “Improving air quality and access to greenspace is a particular priority in more deprived urban areas, helping to tackle inequalities and improve the health, wellbeing and confidence of people and communities”. The Strategy sets out a draft vision of “one planet prosperity” and seeks views on six draft outcomes to achieve that vision. The consultation closes on 24 August 2018 and can be viewed here.

Scottish Government drafts ambitious climate change bill

Action to mitigate climate change is a key component of the Scottish Government’s aim to create a growing, sustainable and inclusive economy. The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 set world-leading greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, including a target to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050.

The Scottish Government intends to introduce a new Climate Change Bill with even more ambitious targets. Proposals include setting targets based on actual emissions, increasing the 2050 target to 90% emissions reduction, and making provisions for a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target to be set when the evidence becomes available.

The draft bill has been published and can be viewed here.

SEPA launches public consultation on national flood resilience

SEPA is calling on the Scottish public to share their local knowledge to help make Scotland become more resilient in the face of increased flood events. SEPA are looking for information regarding the designation of areas which are potentially vulnerable to flooding (PVAs). The consultation is open until the 31st July 2018 and can be found here.

Raingarden project officer vacancy

An exciting role has become available to help kick start the 10,000 Raingardens for Scotland Campaign, by working directly with communities in Glasgow.

The post will be based within SGIF's partner organisation, Central Scotland Green Network Trust, and is initially a 3 day a week, 12 month contract. It would suit someone with community engagement skills, who is good at working with the general public as well as specific community groups. Knowledge of green infrastructure and raingardens would be an advantage, but not essential, however, an awareness of the environmental sector is required. For more information and to apply click here.

TCPA & GIP conference: Green spaces, healthy places

There is now ample and robust evidence that green infrastructure is good for people’s health. How can we plan, design and manage green spaces to maximise their value to people’s health and wellbeing? How can we improve the health and wellbeing value of existing green spaces? What do we know – and what do we still need to research?

Join TCPA and the Green Infrastructure Partnership at their conference in London on 12th July 2018 and hear a range of high-profile speakers will explore the following topics:

  • Will it be possible to attract funding from health budgets to help maintain green infrastructure? What are the barriers to achieving this?
  • How can we maximise the health and wellbeing benefits of green infrastructure? Do we know enough?
  • What can we do right now to create and enhance green infrastructure to enhance people’s wellbeing?

This conference will bring together public health practitioners, landscape architects, developers, planners, researchers and others to share ideas and good practice, create new partnerships and identify opportunities for re-shaping our thinking about green spaces to give more emphasis to their multiple health and wellbeing benefits. For more information, click here.