Business case for SuDS is "very strong"

"Not only is the business case for SuDS and green infrastructure “very strong,” but the costs of operating and maintaining them are usually less than for conventional drainage schemes." 

This is what a leading sustainability consultant has claimed.  Speaking at the CIWEM Urban Rivers and Streams conference, Dr Bruce Horton principal sustainability consultant at MWH, said: "In every case, we found the capital costs of putting SuDS on new developments is cheaper than using conventional drainage solutions and by quite some distance. And in almost every case, the costs of operating and maintenance of SuDS were less than similar operational and maintenance requirements for conventional schemes."

Dr Horton came to his conclusion while giving an overview of three aspects of his work on the economics of SuDS and green infrastructure. His presentation looked at CIRIA’s ‘BeST’ (Benefits of SuDS Tool); his work on a regulatory impact assessment (RIA) for the Welsh government on SuDS in new developments; and how natural capital can be used to demonstrate the value of green infrastructure. A copy of the presentation cane be found on the CIWEM events page