Moss living walls on trial

The Crown Estate is to trial installations of CityTree in London's West End, following Glasgows example. This moss-based living wall removes harmful particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide from the air. CityTree which was installed in Glasgow last year for a trial, claims to deliver 275 times the air cleaning capability of a single tree while taking up 1% of the space that would be needed to achieve the same results using real trees. For the full article clilck here.

Ecosystem Knowledge Network Tool Assessor

The EKN have launched a online resource on analytical tools that link the environment and society:

A wide range of tools for analysing ecosystem services, natural capital and green infrastructure have been developed in recent years in the UK and globally, and more are in development.  Information about these tools and their functions is often hard to access, and it is not always easy to choose which tool to investigate further. Tool Assessor is focused on tools that help people manage the environment as an asset rather than simply managing it for nature conservation objectives.  It encompasses tools that can be used in the UK.



Specifi Landscape Event, in partnership with the Scottish Green Infrastructure Forum

27th March 2018 - 5:00pm, Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street, Edinburgh.

FREE landscape event for landscape architects, architects, garden designers, civil engineers, ecologists and planners

Join us to hear an inspirational talk by Joe Clancy on Biophilic Environments:Bridging the Divide; Biophilia and Biophilic Design is the sustainability buzz of the moment, but what is it and how can landscape architects work with other designers to create truly health buildings?

Following the talk, there is a networking event where you can pick the brains of over 20 major built environment suppliers and product experts in the most relaxed of environments.

You can then join in a relaxed, networking dinner from 7:45pm. 

For more information and to book your place: 

Please forward on to your contacts, and keep an eye out for our event in Glasgow later in the year!

Glasgow - a National Park City?

Glasgow has amazing greenspaces, vibrant culture and a rich history of innovation, creativity and leadership. A National Park City takes the benefits of traditional National Parks and applies them to cities. So, could Glasgow become one of the World’s First National Park Cities? The organisation behind the initiative, Glasgow National Park City are running an evening of thought provoking presentations, photos, film, ideas and discussions on 9th April 2018. To find out more and book a place click here

Pollinator action plan for local growth

In the hope of nurturing high-quality green spaces and improved health and wellbeing, Buglife Scotland has released guidance to help councils increase pollinator frequency in their respective localities. For details, click here.