Nature-based solutions Innovation Summit

On 23-25 March 2021, the Horizon 2020 Connecting Nature Project will be hosting a virtual Nature-based solutions Innovation Summit, so get the dates in your diary now. You can register your interest now here

The Horizon 2020 Connecting Nature project is a partnership with Glasgow City Council, greenspace scotland and a host of European partners. The project is focused on urban nature-based solutions, their delivery in cities and how they can be scaled up. 

Nature-based solutions towards sustainable communities

This report, which analyses EU-funded projects, examines how far Nature-Based Solutions can contribute to transformative action for sustainable communities locally and globally. It examines how such initiatives enable participation and inclusion in the design and implementation of sustainability at the local level and the extent to which the outcomes of Nature-Based Solutions are transformative for communities. The report considers the challenges and opportunities encountered, and identifies gaps and recommendations for future research and policy.

Planning with Nature 

Public Practice have published two new practice notes which provide actions that officers can take in local authorities to develop and implement a green infrastructure strategy. Both practice notes can be found here.

A Greener Recovery 

The Landscape Institute has launched a new policy paper on a green recovery from COVID-19. The paper explores how we can restart the economy while addressing entrenched health inequalities and tackling the ever-accelerating climate crisis. The paper can be found here.

Health and wellbeing benefits of green infrastructure

Natural England has published a review of research into the health and wellbeing benefits of green infrastructure. The review found that people who live in neighbourhoods with greater amounts of green infrastructure tend to be happier, healthier and live longer lives than those who live in less green places. While it is likely that everybody benefits from green infrastructure, it suggested that more disadvantaged communities may benefit the most. The review aims to understand more about the types and amounts of green infrastructure that are most beneficial for the health of different communities to help local authorities, landowners and communities enhance the nation’s green infrastructure provision. It is part of a project to develop a framework for green infrastructure standards.