University of Edinburgh Green Wall

In 2017, the University of Edinburgh installed a series of small living wall on the School of Veterinary Studies at the East Bush Campus. It was designed by Atkins Global, and includes an internal living wall. For the full case study, click here.

Integrated Green Grey Infrastructure+Green River Engineering

CIRIA are running a free webinar on 12th October 2017 on Integrating Green Grey Infrastructure and Green river engineering. 

It is an opportunity for anyone interested in understanding multifunctional green infrastructure and how it offers range of solutions to river and urban engineering. The webinar brings together summaries from two separate strands of NERC funded research; the first will focus on HR Wallingford's Green approaches in river engineering - supporting the implementation of Green Infrastructure and the second will be an introduction to Universities of Glasgow and Oxford's Decision support framework for Integrated Green Grey Infrastructure or IGGI. 

For more information, a programme, and to book, please click here


First analysis of UK green roof market published

The first review of the UK green roof market was launched at City Hall, London on July 26th 2017. Written by Neil Moulton and Dusty Gedge, the report shows that the green roof industry is in a healthy place. As importantly, there are also signs that it will continue to do so. The full report can be downloaded here.

Urban Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services

The Parliamentary Office for Science (POST) has published a brief overview of the ecosystem service contributions of urban biodiversity and green infrastructure. It also presents a number of possible planning strategies to secure implementation of green spaces. It can be downloaded here.

Putting Greenspaces on the map

Ordnance Survey has launched a new, free map of all the publicly accessible green spaces in Great Britain. For the first time, we can find out how many public parks, gardens, playgrounds, playing fields, woods, allotments etc there are; where they are; how big they are. Not only will it help people find their nearest green space – and this was the Government’s motivation for undertaking the project - this data is vital for green space managers and a more detailed map, for local authorities, is available through OS Mastermap Greenspace. Historically, green space managers have lacked the basic data other asset managers take for granted: robust information about the location, type and quality of the assets under their control. This new, authoritative map is a significant first step – and could help strengthen the case for more public investment in green infrastructure. However, more data is needed. Until we have commonly accepted standards for the quality of green infrastructure it is difficult for managers to measure return on investment. Nevertheless, for anyone interested in understanding, valuing and improving the country’s green infrastructure, OS Open Greenspace is a welcome, and potentially very powerful, resource.